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Physique TV: The first physical shape and nutrition dig drains available towards 121 million houses in Europe, the Middle East, and is this que Afric which indicates physical shape and a healthy lifestyle can only be realized by the gymnastics polishes? After the enormous success of the store of physics, the physique TV it of launchings of television of physics d' access and only the free television channel coupled towards physical shape, the body-building, and the formation of weight. The physique TV deviates of the standards of television as him tests d' to approach the matters which are not usually found in the usual television channels. Its goal is to support the conscience of health, the adapted nutrition, and the physical formation step simply with the athletes and the bodybuilders but with each one which wants to improve theirs style of life-if young person or old man, the male or the female. The physique TV envisages d' to reach of the million viewers by providing programs such as the documentary ones, health and remedies, experiments to be cooked healthy, healthy purchases, local and international events of health, news, and ends on physical shape and the meeting d' drive. With intended to air in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa this March 2009, the physique TV will be ventilation under l' wing of the transmission by satellite of HOTBIRD. Since HOTBIRD is the world principal satellite of television, its association with the physique TV will prepare certainly the ground to inform 121 million houses about the value to have a healthy lifestyle. With l' future, the physique TV envisages to connect with d' other satellite suppliers so d' to reach million additional viewers everywhere in the world. The television of physics is sat in the United Kingdom which is supported by a group of honourable companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is responsible for the publication of the store of physics, a publication of physical shape now being distributed in nine countries of the Middle East. To work further towards its vision d' to reach the conscience of health in the whole world, the company entered the world of l' television program by the physique TV.

















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