VIDEOGUARD Videoguard         


Videoguard it is system of coding for the digital television, developed by the British company NDS which is one of leaders in system development of coding for a digital television. Coding Videoguard (translated as the Video guard) very widespread in the world. In USA Videoguard company DIRECTV, in England BSkyB, in Europe Sky Italiy, Viasat and some other speakers uses. In Asia Star TV as uses Videoguard. The coding on present time is not opened, that is caused also by that that cards are anchored to tuners. Therefore any cracked piracy cards Videoguard and furthermore codes do not exist. The binding complicates usage even official cards VIDEOGUARD on other tuners. (Though on some tuners, for example OpenBox, it is possible to enter into a tuner any number ID).
In Russia and the tuners anchored to them the majority of operators does not carry out official sale of cards. Therefore wishing to watch transmissions Star TV, BSkyВ or Sky Italiy for official review the citizen with the permission to residing in the announcement country, which beret the contract on itself is necessary. It costs much, for example the receiver with annual subscription on Star TV issued through inhabitants пакистана will manage about thousand dollars. With cardsharing Videoguard too not all so is simple. If for channels Viasat it is extended enough, for Sky Italiy  in view of features of the coding it is complicated (More in detail here). In Russia "Videoguard" Viasat operator for several channels going with companion LMI, including known TV1000 uses. That of whom interests шаринг the specified channels to search here and more low.














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